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Coventive Composites is a specialist independent consultancy, providing technical expertise and access to pilot-scale equipment and testing facilities to help our clients develop and commercialise novel composite materials and components.

Our expert advice and technical support cover all aspects of the product development lifecycle.

From our in-house innovation centre, our team of scientists and engineers offer a combination of services spanning market intelligence, materials and process development, design and structural analysis, pilot-scale manufacturing and prototyping, materials characterisation and testing, and training.

Our offering is flexible, to suit our clients’ individual requirements. We carry out short term projects and one-off assignments, lead extended multi-stage programmes, and enter into long-term development partnerships.

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Coventive's mission is to be one of the world’s leading specialists in composite materials.

Through our state-of-the-art knowledge, expertise and capabilities, we aim to develop innovative, commercially successful composite solutions to help our customers benefit from better materials, processes and business opportunities.

We achieve this through building close working relationships with our customers, seeking to understand their individual business objectives and technical requirements and then translating these needs into workable solutions.

When dealing with Coventive you can expect an approachable, professional, knowledgeable and impartial service that places a high priority on customer satisfaction.

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What are thermoplastic tapes?

What are thermoplastic tapes?

Joseph Holt 28th June 2021

Thermoplastic tapes offer different advantages and disadvantages to their thermoset counterparts due the difference in the matrix properties. One of the key advantages of thermoplastics is their ease of processability by melting, which is in contrast to the chemical processing requirement of thermosets.

How Sustainable Materials are Shaking up Motorsport

How Sustainable Materials are Shaking up Motorsport

Tasmin Boam 7th April 2021

As more and more people become acutely aware of the Global Warming threat motorsport series, such as F1, have come under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions. In recent years many motorsport series have introduced new regulations in an effort to enhance their environmental image, though there are calls for further action.

Illustration showing equipment used to perform a floating roller peel test on a composite material

What is a peel test?

Valentina Guerra 3rd March 2021

Peel tests measure the strength of the bond between a substrate and the material being peeled off (known as the adherend). This peel strength is expressed as the load required to separate the adherend from the substrate, per unit width of the bond.

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