Virtual Classroom Training Course

28th January 2021 admin

Virtual Classroom Training Course

Our highly regarded classroom training has now gone virtual, allowing delegates to connect online for a live, interactive course.

Our Virtual Classroom Training Course is specifically designed to give a broad introduction to composite materials and provides you with the necessary background knowledge to enable informed discussions with customers, colleagues and collaborators.

The course aims to provide a gentle but thorough introduction to composite materials – how they work, how they are made, what they are used for and what advantages (and disadvantages) they can bring. By the end of the course, all attendees will understand the basics of what a composite material is, what ingredients go into making a composite and how composite materials are converted into finished parts.

What’s more, Coventive has been delivering industry-focused composite materials training for over 10 years, attracting attendees from a wide range of backgrounds so you can be sure that our courses will meet your needs.

This is a split-date course and the first training will be held over two sessions on 16th and 23rd February 2021.