Bespoke Market Size Estimates

Bespoke Market Size Estimates


Organisations of all shapes and sizes rely on accurate market size estimates in order to make business-critical strategic decisions. By enabling our customers to understand the overall size and addressable proportion of key markets, we help them make informed strategic choices.


Our customer wanted to explore the feasibility of setting up an industrial-grade carbon fibre manufacturing plant in Europe, preferably in the UK. To inform their investment appraisal, they needed to obtain a clear picture of the UK and European carbon fibre markets.

Our solution

We provided a detailed picture of the UK and wider EU landscape, drawing upon our industry experience to describe the carbon fibre composites supply chain, identify key existing players and highlight viable target customers. We carried out face-to-face and telephone interviews with target customers to create an accurate, demand-side estimate of the available carbon fibre market, split by tow count, product format and sector. From here, we provided realistic forecasts of the short-to-medium term achievable revenues.

The outcomes

Our analysis showed that the obtainable carbon fibre market was of sufficient size to justify an additional supplier entering the European market. We provided overviews of each of the key sectors, highlighting current and planned production programmes to enable our customer to clearly link the market size estimates to real-world demand. These overviews also flagged-up potentially differing requirements (e.g. in specific grade and tow count) across the sectors. On the basis of our findings, we presented our customer with a list of strategic options and provided our recommendations on the most appropriate next steps.


Market Analysis and Foresighting

We can undertake studies to understand composite market sizes, capacities, demands and technology trends, including foresighting of future trends

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